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Being in the healing world for decades, but unhappy with the results, I put it aside for years. Luckily, developments have happened since then. New practices (actually a twist on old practices) have emerged and I have finally learned the key to uncovering the root cause and creating permanent changes within both the mind and body. The key is to skillfully aid the client into a very deep hypnotic state, then set aside the client's conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. The subconscious knows all! And it has the ability to heal. You know this watching a simple cut heal in time. Many issues (physical and emotional) have hung on for a while, simply because the subconscious has not had the opportunity to release it. We can give the subconscious the opportunity to adjust and remove old programming which has caused the issue to continue; and installs positive and productive programming in its place. Given respect and appreciation, it gladly works for the highest good of the client.

Having two way conversations on this deep level spurs positive action, healing, reframing.. Many times the client doesn't remember the session, but each session is recorded, which is yours. 

As always, each session is confidential. If you have had a session, I don't talk about it to anyone. Feel free to tell anyone you want about the session, it's good for my business! But I do not speak about your session to anyone but you--not even your spouse! Zoom sessions are available also.

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