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Cindy Attar has a ton of experience working with people, studying the workings of the mind, finding the best way to help people obtain the results they desire. Being a certified hypnotist since 2008, Cindy combines hypnosis with high level brain reprogramming (neuro), physical body skills (muscle testing and tapping) and directed energy healing (prana) to help the client create permanent and desired changes within.


Cindy has studied with the world premier stop smoking specialist, Ken Guzzo, at Bay Area Non Smoking Center, who has a 95% success rate in creating non-smokers for life. Cindy, a Certified Stop Smoking Specialist works through video chat worldwide. 

Cindy proudly is a Profound Somnambulism Master Practitioner (PSMP). She has worked directly with the founder, Stephanie Conkle with excellent results. See Stephanie's page at Hypnosis Works! | Clear Life Results Hypnotherapy. And see more of Cindy's PSMP on the healing page here.

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